Merranti Consulting are a Business Consultancy that offer services on helping companies with their Transformation Services

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At Merranti Consulting, we aim to transform your business through Merging and Acquiring other target companies. We look to help you realise your strategic goals, help you capture value and deliver significant growth.

One of our aims, when we work with you, is to help you to grow stronger through different mergers, acquisitions and diversities. By acquiring a target company, it can lead to fantastic opportunities for faster growth, significantly stronger capabilities of your business, all through strategic implementation and transformation.

We offer:

M&A Strategy Design
This can help you improve how you will target potential companies to merge or acquire, and to create a plan of action on how you can move forward.

Targeted Due Diligence
Through reviewing your targets business plans, the industry they operate in and their competition.

Review of Potential Regulation Issues
Conducting an assessment to see if a regulation issue could arise with the completion of an acquisition or merger.

Our experience consultants draw from their different experiences to create a tailor-made strategy for your business and its situation. From a large collective experience that covers all areas such as; operation, IT, people and finance, you can be sure that we have the expertise to help your business succeed.

When a potential opportunity arises to acquire or merge with another company, it is important to act fast. By this, it doesn’t mean to jump the gun and throw your money at the target business, but rather to act fast in a sense of completing the necessary work to evaluate the risk over the potential increase in value and growth. Only then should you consider going ahead with a Merger or Acquisition.