Sanjit Badhan

Sanjit is a senior marketer with over 15 years multi-industry experience and a proven track record in delivering programmes that deliver commercial and brand objectives.

He has operated within large-scale Telecommunication, Utilities, Retail and Finance companies. As well as this, Sanj has supported start-up organisations to take a more customer-centric approach to a variety of areas; covering CRM & Loyalty, Branding and Communications.

Sanjit comes with a variety of experience which spans multiple industries; multinational, FTSE100 and Start-ups. Through this, he has helped use insights to deliver customer-centric marketing strategies and plans to unlock volume and revenue growth.

Merranti can work with you to evaluate your requirements based on what you need to be a success.

Sales & Marketing
Helping Businesses to optimise their marketing and sales strategy to drive profitable growth

Looking to help prospective Entrepreneurs to tackle potential business challenges and develop their business idea.

Training and Development
By working with your existing team, to help them understand what gaps may exist in their knowledge and skills.

Sanj works with businesses to understand them, their customers, goals and environment to develop the perfect purposeful relationship. It a win for them! It’s a win for their customers!

One main area he works in is the development/management of CRM & customer experience programmes. With his expertise in delivering both hard commercial and soft customer engagement metrics and by helping businesses lead to the development of commercially sound customer centric propositions that provide enhanced ‘best in class’ customer experiences.