Fiona Monson

Fiona is a qualified chartered accountant, insolvency practitioner and civil and commercial mediator.

Fiona qualified in both accountancy and insolvency with a Big 4 accountancy firm. After three years of audit, she worked in a variety of insolvency assignments including the administration of Air Europe in 1991. She spent a year working in the Middle East before setting up an insolvency practice for a local accountancy firm in 2001. In 2015 she broke away to work on her own and in order to extend the services she could offer to support business owners facing difficulties she qualified as a mediator.

Conflict Resolution

Solvent Liquidations

Insolvency Consulting

Fiona’s experiences combine to offer specialist services in three key areas:

  • Conflict resolution and training to avoid or resolve disputes

Fiona works with business owners to resolve disputes both internal (workplace or co-business owners and directors) and external (suppliers, customers, debtors).  This may involve formal mediation, may involve acting as an independent third party to speak to the other party or may involve training to address this and future disputes through group or individual training particularly where the other party refuses to engage.

  • Solvent liquidations (Members Voluntary Liquidation or MVL)

As an insolvency practitioner, Fiona can undertake liquidations where the business owner is looking for the most tax efficient way to withdraw capital from a business at the end of its life (by application of Entrepreneurs Relief) and Section 110 Reconstructions where two or more business owners wish to take the business in different directions.

  • Insolvency consultancy

Fiona uses over 25 years’ experience as an insolvency practitioner to advise business owners who are facing financial difficulty or have already entered insolvency to understand the legal implications of actions they have taken and how best to resolve them.  As an independent consultant with no interest in taking the insolvency appointment, Fiona will give honest advice on the current position, why it has arisen and if appropriate how the impact can be minimised or avoided.  If consulted before insolvency is inevitable Fiona can work alongside other Merranti consultants to help save the business.  If this is left too late Fiona can work with the business owner to find a suitable insolvency practitioner to address the insolvency and support the business owner through the process.