David Mitchell

David works closely with businesses/organisations to find and understand those elements which currently inhibit it to fully exploit its capability to deliver for customers. His holistic approach using Systems/Lean thinking methodology gets to the core issues which need to be re-aligned, then enabling it to truly transform/re-design itself around creating value and eliminating waste. This common sense approach provides a heightened focus and clarity of purpose which pulls the whole business/organisation together inevitably leading to increased revenue, enhanced service, transformed efficiency and unheard of levels of staff morale.

Increased revenue becomes a consequence of providing what matters to customers

Take the waste out of internal processes and focus on the value creation for customers

Design your organisation around providing customer excellence, then customers come back for more

Staff thrives on the capability to have the skills and tools at that their fingertips to provide customers with what matters to them

After a long career in the telecommunications industry as a manager David discovered the merits of Systems/Lean thinking methodology. After applying the methodology successfully within telecommunications in Sales, Technicians and Repair contact centres generating substantial revenue creation and cost saving, he decided to move to a business consultancy who specialise in this method. He has been a business consultant for the last 11 years. As an example David worked with some of the largest insurance and banking institutions within the UK. And for the last 5 years he has consulted internationally working with blue chip organisations in Australia, Philippines, Ireland and South Africa. This international exposure has allowed David to build a bank of knowledge of creating change within differing cultural environments.
Although for the large part of the last 11 years while consulting has worked primarily in the financial services area he has the capability to apply the Systems/Lean thinking methodology across the whole service sector. The method can be applied to create small process change to wholesale transformation of large businesses/organisations. He can work just as effectively by himself or as part of a team and is prepared to work in any part of the UK.