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Tax Returns

All people and businesses must submit Tax, whereas only businesses that exceed £82,000 need to register for VAT. If this is the case, then we would recommend getting Merranti Accounting to assist with your Tax & VAT returns.

Even if you are not required to, it can be beneficial to register for VAT, before you reach the threshold. If you need more help, then contact Stephen Watts to talk this through.

Whatever you type of business is, whether a Sole Trader, Partnership or a Limited Company, you must file a tax return. This must be done to declare your income to HM Revenue & Customs to let them know how much tax is due.

Where the appropriate return is not submitted by the deadline, there can be significant penalties and interest that can be accrued, so it is always important too, if you are not sure, to get a financial consultant or accountant to support you.

As well as VAT Returns, we can also support you with Management Accounts and Payroll