Financial Solutions

The key to business is finance, where all other areas deal with the creation and production of your business, the finance is the end result you are looking for. Very few businesses fail due to profit and loss, most fail due to lack of cash flow.

Merranti provides a unique view in respect of financial solutions, every part of our strategy comes back to it. As you can see from our Case Studies we have proven time and time again that this unique view has saved our clients businesses as well as the personal fortunes. In addition, we have considerable difference in their long-term profitability.

How we can help

We provide an alternative view to accountants; we see answers within your business that can only come from experience and business people.  We are not negative; we are there to find solutions.

Our services include:
Chase debtors

Defending and negotiating with Creditors
Obtaining Financing for new projects and expansion
Cash Flows
Outsourced Payroll
Banking relationships
Introduction to Investors
Tenders and Bid planning
Short notice accounting staff