Portfolio Category: Recovery / Expansion

Online Travel Company

The Company wanted to create a website that would produce a referral and booking system for hotels, of which the site would take a percentage of value of the transaction.   We assisted in the database design and implementation adding a back office system enabling hotels to input their own information. From here...
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Online Game

An Online Game company had set up a new style of interactive quiz where large prizes could be won.   After extensive advertising and a near due launch date, the credit card company had pulled out leaving them with no payment system. We were instructed to deal with the issue.   We issued...
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Trade Furniture Company

Assistance was sought by a company that needed to change its profile and rebrand. Whilst we managed this change we introduced a new web system allowing clients an easier system of ordering and the convenience of being able to access their account on their own time.   This increased business and gave them...
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