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People Strategy & Transformation

Could you imagine running a successful business without a clear sales of a financial plan? With people at the heart of your business and your most significant investment. Your people Strategy demands the same rigour. It outlines the skills and resources you need to achieve your goals and how you define and reward success. It is a powerful statement of your values and culture to share with your people.

People Strategy Services

We start by understanding your business, building a picture of your goals and aspirations. Working in partnership with your leadership team and existing HR team, we identify the key people issues likely to have the biggest impact on your business. This is your bespoke People Strategy. It will reflect the size and culture of your organisation and how quickly you need to drive innovation, change, and of course your operational budget.

In partnership, we guide you through the process of translating your People Strategy into a Strategic People Plan for key parts of your business. This gives you a practical summary of the actions needed to implement your Plan and when to expect results.

Developing your Leadership Team

Developing your HR Team

Retained Support

Identifying and developing the skills your business leaders and HR team need to implement your People Strategy, as well as designing your bespoke combination of HR services, takes time and expertise. HR is no different from any other business function. It requires specialist leadership and targeted development. Confident in the abilities of your HR team, you can focus on leading and growing your business.

People Transformation Services

We work in partnership with your leadership team and existing HR team and aim to strengthen your existing capabilities. We spend time with key stakeholders to understand what you are your people value most from your team. We jointly develop a strategic proposal recommending the bespoke combination of services needed to deliver your People Strategy and evolving business needs. This is your bespoke HR operating model. Using innovation, creativity and agility, it will highlight the skills needed to deliver your People Strategy.