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Organisational Design & Development

Organisational Design is about ensuring that the processes, cultures and people are all a perfect fit for the business. It is important to make sure that they all fit with the company’s mission, aims, objectives and values. Once an organisation has achieved the right balance between all these components it can develop and create and sustain long-term success.

Implementation of a structured organisational blueprint needs to consider how the changes will affect the business in a positive and negative way. It will change the behaviour and culture of the business and it will change how people receive rewards and recognition for their work. Therefore, it is important to review the implications of the different areas that you are going to change, especially when it impacts your staff.

However, no matter the changes, it is important to consider and review your organisation, because operating a company that is fluid and flexible can be stronger to adapt to new opportunities and can fit with a strong change management plan.

At Merranti Consulting, we can work with you to develop an organisation that reinforces your intent and uses the work of your employees to create a fast-paced work environment and a fast-growing company.

These days, an organisation is a much more complex problem for a business than it used to be. Nowadays, a business needs models to deal with the increase in complexity and to compete with the rate of change in the modern business environment.

How an organisation is structured can have a huge impact on operational performance and how well it responds to changes in its environment.

Therefore, how well a business’s architecture is can make a dramatic difference in efficiency and resilience.

As organisations develop over time, it is often in response to a trigger, usually to resolve a problem in an organisation. At Merranti Consulting, our roles or to develop new a new structure to overcome these issues.