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Merranti Consulting helps manufacturing companies to gain a competitive edge, improve performance and unlock growth. We are specialists in all aspects of the Manufacturing process, from the shop floor to the boardroom. We understand the challenges affecting manufacturers today: technological disruption, fluctuating demand, operating in an uncertain landscape and competing on a global scale – just to name a few. Manufacturers are challenged to adopt flexible and agile operating models that can quickly react to market developments and capitalise on growth opportunities.

Merranti Consulting offers a personalised service that adds value to your business through the transformation of operating models and manufacturing processes. Our comprehensive service incorporates specialist industry knowledge, strategic excellence and technical capabilities that provide conclusive diagnosis and a roadmap to help you to achieve your objectives. We can utilise Lean Six Sigma methodology to improve overall performance through initiatives tailored to our client’s unique challenges and opportunities. Our framework enables manufacturers to be ready for the advent of “Industry 4.0” – a digitally-incited industrial revolution that is set to profoundly disrupt all aspects of the manufacturing process.

Just a few of the solutions we can offer:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) – Merranti supports manufacturing companies maximise their chances of a prosperous M&A with our client-centric approach that incorporates strategic acquisition methodology, proper due diligence and meticulous integration.
  • Designing Supply Chain & Operations to achieve peak performance – we help clients to streamline their processes and maximise their profit-making ability with our initiatives to improve productivity, cut costs, reduce waste and drive growth.
  • Technical Solutions – we help manufacturers to leverage future-facing digital solutions to boost margins and assist innovation. We provide solutions to add value, increase productivity and reduce costs as well as the expertise to implement them smoothly and efficiently.
  • Strategy & Management – increase productivity and competitiveness while maintaining financial sustainability. We help clients identify and implement tactical actions to capitalise upon existing strengths and lead them on the path to growth.
  • Finance – Merranti have a team of finance specialists who can explore funding opportunities to help you find the best source of finance for your project.