IT Strategy & Transformation

Merranti Consulting are a Business Consultancy that offer services on helping companies with their IT Strategy & Transformation

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IT Strategy & Transformation

Businesses struggle to perform when their IT Strategies are developed in isolation from the rest of the business. Business leaders need to balance the need to thrive with the need to seek value and manage risk. We work with your business to fully understand how the organisation works and what the business needs from IT in order to develop a full strategy or specific elements.

The Strategy

With collective experience in business and technology, our Merranti Consultants can help facilitate an integrated IT Strategy for the organisation.

Firstly, we review your current IT systems and strategy against your businesses aims and objectives and against the ethos. We can then derive the implications what the IT in your company needs to do to support the business strategy and grow your business’s value.

A successful IT Strategy includes:

• IT Applications
• IT Infrastructure
• IT Services
• IT Organisational Design
• IT Management

With Merranti Consulting, we can create and deliver a structured and actionable plan for managing your businesses IT Transformation.

The Transformation

At Merranti Consulting, we can create a tailor-made IT plan and instruct how to implement it efficiently and effectively.

We address all the different aspects of IT transformation, from the strategy through to the execution, all to innovate in the way your businesses assist its clients. We can help you change your IT functions for the better. This can be done in a number of different areas. Usually, it is done in ways that are IT is delivered, for example, such as setting up IT as a shared service or capitalising on cloud services.

Drawing from our Consultants experience in change management and IT systems, we can successfully manage complex IT transformations. Our tailored solutions will allow you to see visible changes in your IT systems and strategy and accelerate your business’s growth.