Merranti Consulting are a Business Consultancy that offer services on helping companies with their Integration Services

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Merranti Consulting focuses on the customer and employee experience when a company decides to either merge with or acquire another business. Our service is tailor-made for your business and your situation. It is intended to minimise disruption through significant change. It is also designed to help accelerate the transition to a combined company operating model.

Our tailor-made integration service is designed through fully understanding your business and how it operates. We take into consideration the target company and plan how to incorporate it within your current organisation. We can help create a structure that specialises in the coordination between all areas within your company.

The integration service offers:

Change Management

Organisational Design


Programme Management

We start by planning a tailor-made integration strategy that operates with the correct balance of reward and risk. Then, we look to achieve value whilst continuing to protect the customer experience. With your business model, we incorporate your employees to follow a standard culture that is experienced by all the stakeholders of the business. All of this will be delivered and installed with suitable processes and systems from day one.

When Merranti Consulting is involved with your Acquisition strategy, we can take the role of facilitators, project managers, working team members, or just be there to provide advice through the journey.

Most merger transactions promise tremendous financial results. However, far to often they can result in frustrated customers, frustrated staff, and frustrated shareholders/stakeholders. Your stuff can suffer from demotivation which can result in a reduction in productivity and can also cause a loss of talent. This is why it is important to take advice from experienced consultants that specialise in Mergers & Acquisitions from Merranti Consulting, to help implement and integrate your target business with your current organisation and to reduce the risk.