Financial Strategy & Transformation

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Financial Strategy & Transformation

Many companies are looking to transform the role of the finance function of their businesses. This is because the modern finance function of the business is fast evolving to support a fast-paced business. Although the drive to optimise the cost and efficiency of finance never disappears, its role is becomingly increasingly important.

As always, business cost management is a critical element of the finance strategy. It is key to driving efficiency in routine transactional processes that allow a shift in its focus.

Our Merranti Consultants have a collective client focus to review customers key environmental, security, demographics, and competitive challenges that face their business. We help our clients to refocus their businesses and their finance functions more to value creation and measurement.

Through our collective experience of finance and accounting issues and functions, we make sure to partner with you throughout the development and transformation. This is all done to help create a tailored business model that aligns with your business strategy and to help your business succeed.

We look to accelerate your business growth by redesigning the financial elements of your business plan. We do this by reviewing your financial strategy, the processes, the organisation and technology support throughout the company to assess where your business can improve.

Factors we look at:

Finance Efficiency
Many businesses try to spend little time and money in gathering high-quality data, leas and information, and would much rather invest more time and finance into analysis. This idea is reviewed within your organisation to see if you can take a more ‘top-down’ approach.

The Financial Structure
Streamlining your financial structure can be extremely effective when your business is needing to adapt to the changing face of the business and the industry. It is important to conduct these changes in line with changes elsewhere within the company, so a good change management system is recommended.

Finance Technology
A businesses systems are forever being transformed by technology advances. Much to the fact that more and more Accounting companies are turning to use cloud accountancy systems to manage their client’s data, and it is exactly what we have done at Merranti Accounting. Automated software and functions can really benefit how a business works.