Electric Power & Natural Gas

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Electric Power & Natural Gas

The Electric Power & Natural Gas industry faces new challenges from competitors; in the form of low-cost alternatives and technological disruption, from the government; by way of reduced subsidies and stricter regulation mandating greenhouse gas abatement, and from customers; who are more cost-conscious and environmentally-aware. It is clear that Electric & Gas companies must make well-informed decisions to maintain competitiveness over the next decade.

Merranti has a deep understanding of electric and gas industries and the key issues that companies must take into account. We work with our clients in the industry to make the most of the challenging environment; bolstering core capabilities, mitigating risk, enhancing operational performance and employing strategies to retain and attract customers. Our consultants have years of industry experience which enables us to deliver innovative solutions throughout the UK at remarkable value for money.

  • Improving operational efficiencies – deliver production targets in a cost-effective manner.
  • Change management – bespoke and structured approach to bring about transformation.
  • Effective investments – M&A expertise and guidance on other investment projects.
  • IT Solutions – harness the power of digital to achieve business objectives. We can assist in providing analytical solutions to increase productivity and reduce costs.
  • Talent acquisition – experts in attracting high-quality talent to support business demand.
  • Financial forecasting and insights – analytical intelligence to identify trends that may impact on future operations.