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Don't go it alone - Start your Own Business - Philip Gaffney

“Team Work makes the Dream Work”, ok yes I was cringing as I was typing it, but, it’s true! There is so much to do in the early stages of starting your business and as your business grows you need to determine whether you work within the business or manage the business, it is very hard to do both, let alone do it successfully.
Richard Branson says one of the keys to success is having the right skill set in the team, if he can’t do it alone, do you really have ALL the skills yourself.

The traditional view is that there are four pillars to a business, Finance, People, Sales and Marketing and Systems and Operations and it is the blend of these and your individual resources and capabilities that are interwoven into the tapestry that is your strategic plan.

Yes, I agree, its easy to say ‘get a consultant who can assist in the areas you are weak in’, but from all the press we see they are very expensive, (forgive my drift into media speak), ‘That is Fake News’.

Now I’m not suggesting a consultant is cheap, what I am saying is that they create an added value and the additional skills will maximise your effectiveness and increase your Return on Investment (RoI), any consultant will be able to as part of the plan they produce for you, give you deliverables/timescales and from that you will know whether or not there is a Cost Benefit to your investment.
We don’t give a second thought to hiring a marketing person to build a website or a recruitment agency to assist with staff, you need to include Business Consultants in this bracket too.

In the flow chart you can see some of the aspects you will encounter on your start-up journey, this simple diagram will assist as your roadmap for the initial period, from that you can assess your Strengths and Weaknesses and from that determine the aspects that you need assistance with, one of the greatest benefits of working with Merranti Consulting is that not only do you get an experienced consultant but you get the benefits of the team of consultants as a resource that your consultant can draw upon and the other companies in-house:

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