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Consumer Products

The Consumer Products industry today faces unprecedented hurdles (and opportunities). eCommerce and “the Amazon effect” continue to penetrate the market on a dramatic scale with disruptive business models and technological innovation. This poses a threat to orthodox business models but at the same time presents exciting opportunities to those that adapt.

Brand loyalty is dwindling and consumer behaviour and expectations ever-changing. Businesses must be well-informed and responsive to their customer base and wider trends in the market. Merranti can provide fast analytical solutions enable clients to understand their business and identify problems, allowing strategic intervention to influence real-time decision-making.

Merranti’s bespoke approach aims to understand your business and its objectives in order to quickly identify where change can be made. Our team of consumer products consultants utilise a wealth of industry knowledge to create value, unlock profit and growth and mitigate risk.

  • Analytics, Big Data and Insight – harness the power of digital and exceed your customers’ expectations. Give your customers what they want, where they want, when they want.
  • Sales and Marketing – we can develop elaborate assorting, pricing and promotion strategies to maximise profitability and competitiveness.
  • Organisational Performance – we work with clients to evolve their strengths, streamline their operations and enable growth.
  • Supply Chain Supremacy – optimise distribution and manufacturing supply chain to reduce costs and impress customers.