Operational Income

In times of growth companies can often leave a gaping hole allowing costs to escalate and more importantly ignore opportunities that they would normally take advantage of.

We were approached by a company that had done just that and held an asset by way of a large development site that also incurred large running costs to maintain.

Our instruction was to limit this cost and replace the current operations manager due to salary cost.

Having met the Operations Manager they proved to be a valuable member of staff that in a normal trading climate you would retain. We persuaded the company to see operations as a potential profit centre and to allow the member of staff to prove this. We assisted in rearranging the insurance management and only ensuring what was required. This reduced the need for full-time security, resulting in a saving which exceeded the staff’s salary.

We then looked at how the site could work for them and installed a filming location agency to offer various parts of the building. This required extensive management, however, it was arranged on a commission basis again assisting the company by preventing further fixed costs.

After 9 months the site had generated over £750,000 additional income and they managed to retain the Operations Manager for the following year. From our assistance, they applied the same model to other sites and achieved savings all around. We were credited with saving the company.

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