Marketing Company Merger

Following a downturn in the market, the company’s revenue was reduced which affected Gross Profit resulting in a potential insolvency issue.

We were involved in the introducing of a partner company in a similar industry and position, following lengthy negotiations a merger was agreed to result in significant cost savings and a cross-selling ability. Merranti then assisted with the company left behind so that the Directors were able to concentrate on the merger and new business going forward. The moving of the clients was a smooth transition and resulted in an immediate increase in sales as it gave them further products and instilled further confidence in the company.

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Lead Consultant

Jason Fudge, Managing Director of Merranti Consulting. Business Management Consultants based in the United Kingdom, UK. London, Gatwick Manchester and Brighton.
Jason Fudge

Jason Fudge heads up our team at Merranti Group and takes on the role of Managing Director. His primary aim is to provide clients with a tailor-made service that will transform and enhance their business.