Launching A New App

Organisation: An international company created an IT system and app to allow risks and issues to be tracked in a quick, easy and anonymous manner.  Now Headquartered in the UK, they want to launch their product to a wider more specific audience.  They had three specific variances, targeted at different markets, this needed to be made more apparent.

Solution: Working with the leadership team, we guided them to create a 3-month product launch plan which included the creation of collateral, engagement with media organisations, tracking suitable news stories, the creation of a short video to create social media conversations, branding, look and feel and an overall website refresh.

Deliverables included:

  • Product Identify – The product has three specific versions and markets. Created specific identities for each version using colours, naming, and imagery to help potential buyers select the right tool, and clearly understand the benefits it brings.
  • Launch Plan – Creation of an overall launch plan capturing the streams, activities, actions and owners over a 3-month period.
  • Governance and Control – A governance approach which ensured the plan was reviewed on a bi-weekly basis and re-planned where required to ensure the launch date was hit.
  • Online Presence – Protection of social media identities for the main Social Media networks ready for the launch. Identification of suitable online groups and forums to use to generate conversations prior to and at the launch.
  • Informer Video – Creation of a short online video to demonstrate the app and it benefits in a quick, simple, easy to read and easy to understand format.
  • Collateral – Review of existing case studies and collateral, a design of a new easy to read case study format and creation of new case studies highlighting the benefits of the app.
  • Press Engagement – Engagement with a number of print and online Press Agencies and organisations to understand how best to engage them to write and publish the story. Preparation of press releases in readiness for the release date.

Media Tracking– Setup of a number of media tracking tools to identify stories and articles which could be used to demonstrate how the App, if in existence, would have prevented the problem.

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Launching a New App

Lead Consultant

David Tewkesbury, Business Consultant for merranti Consulting, based in Brighton
David Tewkesbury

David has a variety of experience from various business sectors. Having worked in both SME and the corporate world, his knowledge and experience spans business sizes.