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Business Strategy

Business Strategy is generally referred to as the ‘heart’ and ‘soul’ of any company and organisation. The strategy is commonly defined as the ‘plan’ to achieve a goal, and it is situated at the intersection of a firm’s goals and values, resources and capabilities, structure and systems, and the industry environment (i.e. competitors, customers, and suppliers). Without a proper strategy, a firm is likely to move in the wrong direction, which generally leads to business failure.

At Merranti Consulting, we provide professional support to you by thoroughly analysing your company’s existing resources and capabilities, aligning them with your firm’s goals and values, and ensuring that the business strategy is adapted carefully to the industry environment, including competitors, customers, and suppliers.

Be clear about the impact from the get-go

Understand you businesses full potential

Create a plan to make things happen

We have rich expertise in business strategy formulation and implementation at Merranti Consulting, both for domestic markets, but also for international business strategy. This relates to the three key questions for a firm’s international expansion:

• When? (Foreign market entry timing, e.g. first-mover advantages)
• Where? (Foreign market selection, e.g. a simultaneous entry in multiple countries vs. step-by-step entry to overseas markets)
• How? (Foreign market entry mode, e.g. exporting, strategic alliance, joint venture, a wholly-owned subsidiary)

When developing and implementing your company’s business strategy (domestic and international), our team at Merranti Consulting strive for a holistic approach, which incorporates your firm’s goals and values, internal resources and capabilities, and the external industry environment.

At Merranti Consulting, we pride ourselves on our unique ‘hands-on approach’, and we always strive to provide a customer-focused and tailored strategy in everything we do.