How to attract Millennials to join your business

Millennials in the Work Place

How to attract Millennials to join your business

By 2020, millennials will make up 50% of the workforce. Traditional methods of recruiting the top talent will not always appeal to this generation.

When they were young, they witnessed the mass layoff of workers during the financial crisis. This has led them to expect that they will have several positions with multiple employers throughout their work life.

How to attract young workers

Convincing millennial candidates that you are just as serious as they are about making sure the fit is right, include multiple stages of your hiring process. However, the younger generation will not like to spend unnecessary time on an application process that they do not see as valuable. So, make sure your process is not unproductive and be sure to be clear about the purpose of each step.

Generational differences have changed what this upcoming workforce considers when deciding to look for a job or before accepting an offer. Of course, you’ll need to cover the basics of fair compensation and work-life balance, but you will also need to appeal to their desire for purpose, creativity and flexibility.

1. Purpose

Students and Millennials highly regard companies that have made a name for themselves through the value of their brand, social responsibilities and innovation. They look for challenges and have little patience for inefficiency.

Millennials want to feel like they are important to their company and always look to create value in themselves. They tend to seek workplaces that are similar to their own values.

2. Creativity

Most millennials are not afraid of challenging work. This is despite them having an image of preferring offices that resemble recreational zones. As long as the space is creative and innovative, they will thrive in the workplace.

A relaxed culture that focuses on a team approach is much more likely to attract ambitious young candidates than a dull formal setting. Millennials will also prefer a setting that promotes innovative thinking.

They see workplaces as a place for learning, as each place is an opportunity to add to their skill set and prepare them for the next phase of their career. Traditional annual reviews are, therefore, much less appealing. Instead, frequent recognition and rewards, as well as extensive feedback on a regular basis are seen as more positive towards millennials. They look for companies who will help nurture them.

3. Flexibility

As millennials were born at the start of the digital age, they are used to using technology in creative ways all throughout the day. Lots of young workers are looking for a role that will allow them to work on their ideas as they think of them.

A flexible work schedule may seem like a way to work less, but this actually increases productivity among workers. Also, this demonstrates trust in employees and help workers feel empowered. As a result, employers see an increase in millennials loyalty, which allows them to hold on to talent for longer.

Most millennials plan to move on from their current position within two years. However, if their organisation gives them a sense of purpose, they tend to stay longer than the two-year average and could stay for at least 5-10 years.

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