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We differentiate ourselves in the Business marketplace

Merranti Consulting are a business management consultancy which provides the expertise to help your projects succeed. From a young start-up 8 years ago, we now cover the UK with offices in London, Birmingham and the South East.

As part of the Merranti Group, we also offer services in Accounting, Finance and Recruitment.

Our core principle is to achieve your target within your budget and to help you make the most of what you currently have.

We believe that planning is key, however, without Transformation, Action and Engagement, it will remain just an idea.

Most importantly, whether we are working for an individual to purchase a business, or for a corporate expansion to local councils, our principle is always Client First. Our actions are to protect and deliver to all our clients and our internal systems check this as a measure of client delivery and satisfaction.

Lastly, we use experience. Our consultants are experts in their fields and this is who you will be working with.

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Our Benefits

We commit to helping our clients achieve profitable growth.


Our experience will enable you to make informed decisions and give you the solutions you are looking for.


Cost Effectiveness

Our costs have been efficient and always paid for by the growth or benefits of the solution.



We pride ourselves on delivering your solution, not just an idea and we are proud of our reviews.