About Us

Who we are

Our Company is a leading services provider
, delivering business solutions to its customers, providing operational and marketing support when needed and in the background when not, giving the expertise without the full-time cost. We provide outsourcing services to customers in the property, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, communications, energy, transportation, and consumer and retail industries.

We differentiate ourselves in the Business marketplace by providing outstanding service, innovation and industry through creative ideas. To monitor our progress and encourage candid collaboration with our clients, we maintain a running program which monitors your company and provides constant feedback.

It is instrumental to our success in cultivating and maintaining long-term business relationships. Our Company provides the best solutions for executives to maximize return on their business investments. Our deep industry knowledge enables us to provide customers with innovative ideas that help them improve productivity and security.

We deliver on our commitments, so customers can build strong relationships with their customers, achieve profitable growth and win in the marketplace.

Our business is built on simple principles of superior customer service. All we want our customer to do is to be impressed with our service and expertise and to want to come back the next time they need similar services.


Our Advantages

No matter the size of your business, our Company understands that it should run at maximum efficiency. Needless to say, that we have everything for that. Our team is able to develop any network solutions that will increase productivity and save you millions. We are a prosperous, successful Company and we give all our clients our personal guarantee. We offer only the highest quality services and our support department is always on call waiting for your questions if you encounter any problems.



Merranti finds solutions every day and has experienced many business issues, problems and questions from our clients. Our experience will enable you to make informed decisions and give you the ideas and solutions you are looking for.


Merranti have helped start-ups to multinationals and each time our costs have been efficient and always paid for by the growth or benefits of the solution. Remember sometimes its the simple and cost-efficient ideas are the most effective.


We pride ourselves on delivering your solution, not just an idea. 68% of our business in the last 12 months came from recommendation, a figure we are proud of and look forward to increasing.