From 5 jobs to 25 jobs

How do you go from 5 jobs per day, which you are juggling. to 25 jobs per day with the admin and accounts people? As well as have the capacity to do double that with no more admin staff?

We were contacted by a company that didn’t know what they wanted but could not expand. Merranti installed and trained them on a simple software product that we sourced off the self, meaning no development funds, risk or time issues.

They expanded to 25 jobs within 6 months. It enabled the company to have professional contact with clients and customers. Track the staff on site and receive pictures automatically on work completed.

This required no extra office staff.

Expensive, we met with them once, recommended the product and did the installation in two days, training was 3 days. There ongoing cost for the software? £40 per month!

Sometimes the best solution for your business is the simple ones.