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Changing Your Perspective of Organisational Performance

Target outcome after the 3-day programme will include:

 The 3-day programme will give you an insight to the type of issues impacting your business performance.
 A methodology that enables you to view your organisation from a different perspective.
 A catalyst to act with confidence. This method identifies key levers for change.
 A platform to draw up an action plan for improving performance.

This programme will benefit businesses that receive frequent customer demands, for example
call/contact centres, sales or services of any nature.

For enquiries, please contact David Mitchell or Jag Sagoo on 01342 834624


Assignment: Refocus on policy holders

Client Issue
A large blue-chip insurance company wanted to improve the experience for those customers needing to
claim on their motor insurance. The average time to make a liability decision was 42 days with the overall time to close the claim averaging 298 days. 80% of contacts from policy holders were issues they were experiencing with the claims process.

Our Approach
By working closely with the management team and those who carried out the work, the organisation
learned how to redesign their operation to focus on the needs of the policy holder.
The redesigned operating model included merging 16 functional groups into one. They brought the
expertise required to resolve the customers’ needs to the front of the organisation. Thereby creating a
‘right first time’ experience for their customers.

Operational costs were substantially reduced with the added benefit of cutting indemnity spend.
Liability decisions were now taken within 7 days and cases closed on average within 23 days.
By focussing on what customers need in all their customer facing contacts, the insurance company has
improved performance in key areas of revenue, efficiency, service and staff morale.