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Giving you the steps and expertise to help grow your business and develop according to a business strategy and plan. Merranti Consulting can assist you in developing your ideas of where you want your business to be and help make them a reality.

Buy, Sell or Start Your Business

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a current business, or are looking to start-up a new company, Merranti Consulting can provide you with the information and guidance to take you along your business venture and can assist with due diligence.

Your Business

We provide the advice and guidance to help transform your business, allowing you to achieve your Goals and Objectives.

Using our Business Improvement Plans, we can rejuvenate your business and give it a new lease of life. Speak to one of our consultants, and they will help you find out what service you need.

Welcome to Merranti Consulting

Merranti Business Consulting provides a business development service that assists you in creating the right Business, Marketing or Project Strategy and can then provide the resources to help you implement it. Call us now to discuss your needs 01342 834624

What We Do

Our core principle is to achieve your target within your budget and making use of what you have already before you consider spending more.

Our Business Solutions include:

  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Business Recovery
  • Change Management
  • Growth and Expansion
  • Debt Management & Insolvency
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Asset Purchase and Management
  • Coaching and Mentoring

How can we help?

Who We Are

Merranti Consulting, Business Consultants, Business Consulting

Merranti Consulting is a business consultancy which provides the expertise to help your business succeed. By having a Merranti Consultant, that uses our Business Improvement Plan methods, we can enable companies to move from where they are, to where they want to be. In addition to these core Improvement Programmes, we can also offer bespoke services for different business.

Our Consultants come from various backgrounds and bring a wide range of experience and expertise to the table. With their knowledge of working in different industries, you will be sure to find the right Merranti Consultant for your business. See our Consultants >

Whether you are looking for advice on your business strategy or you are looking for help with your operations, you will find a Merranti Consultant with the experience and knowledge that will help you make informed decisions.

Recent News

Looking to Start your own Business?

Starting your own business can be quite a daunting thought, as you decide on the options of registration, name and the actual set up. However, with Merranti’s assistance, it doesn’t need to be a difficult journey. We can help develop your business start-up idea.

So how can Merranti help you?
Start-up Program - Business Improvement Plan - Merranti Consulting

Our Partnerships

Merranti are Barclays Introducer

We have developed strategic business consulting partnerships over the years with companies that can assist in the growth of your business. 

Contact us to take advantages of these and many more business consulting solutions

As a business consultancy, our aim is very simple and that is to assist your business in making informed decisions to enable it to grow in a competitive market. To avoid the pitfalls and develop a route that will deliver the plan.

Merranti Group

Merranti Consulting is a part of the Merranti Group who provide business services to companies so they can make informed decisions.

The group consists of: